North Bay Horticulture

Ellen Solomon, Certified Arborist,
Garden & Home Orchard Consultant

New Summer Pruning Workshop


Lavender retreat designed by North Bay Horticulture


orth Bay Horticulture is a tree and garden service, offering expert consulting and practical services to homeowners and businesses in the Petaluma and Sonoma County area. Ellen Solomon is a Certified Arborist, Horticulturist and Landscape Designer. She is committed to helping people enjoy the wonders of nature, through the pleasure of their own and others’ gardens.

I want to live as
a responsible citizen
of the earth.
Life is so enriching
when one understands
the interconnectedness
of oneself and all things.

- Ellen Solomon


Group and individual classes available.

North Bay Horticulture provides services in the following areas:

We envision gardens of healthy trees and plants thriving on intelligent use of water. We have the experience and expertise to help people create beautiful gardens in keeping with their lifestyle and site requirements. Practicing green and sustainable landscaping, we design gardens for people to walk through, live in, and find hope in.


North Bay Horticulture
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