North Bay Horticulture

Ellen Solomon, Certified Arborist,
Garden & Home Orchard Consultant

About Ellen Solomon

Picture of Ellen SolomonBorn in San Francisco, Ellen Solomon has lived most of her life in California, from the Bay Area to the Sierras. She has also traveled and studied gardens in Europe, especially the Mediterranean. She has an Associate of Science degree in Environmental Horticulture from Sierra College and has practiced as an ISA Certified Arborist since 2005.

Ellen’s writings about trees and garden design have appeared in local papers. Her writing is aimed for ordinary people who love nature and want to care for trees and gardens. She has taught for Sierra College Community Education, Peaceful Valley and the APPLE Center for Sustainable Living. 

In 2008 Ellen founded the Friends of Trees Nevada County, of which she served as the Executive Director. She is the creator of the Nevada City Tree Tour, a walking tour of Nevada City’s trees.

Ellen is a former member of the Petaluma Tree Advisory Board (2011-2012), and was Orchard Manager at the Petaluma Bounty Farm (2011-2012). She currently serves on the Standing Committee of the Community Garden Network of Sonoma County.

“I have always loved trees and gardens,” Ellen says. “As a child I would walk through a neighborhood with lots of trees to get to school, while the others took the streetcar.”

“Professionally, I started as a rose gardener in a big estate. At the same time I was growing a garden in the country, trying all kinds of things. I then completed the program in Environmental Horticulture at Sierra College to became a Certified Arborist.”

“I used to travel a lot, and I always visited gardens. I went several times to the south of France and really studied the gardens there near the Mediterranean.”

“I grow whatever vegetables I can, and usually join a community garden in order to share gardening with others. I like to teach about soils and seed starting. I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have been lucky to gather.”

“Personally, I want to live as a responsible citizen of the earth. Life is so enriching when one understands the interconnectedness of oneself and all things. I always compost my vegetables, I walk whenever I can, and take public transportation instead of drive. This way I feel my feet on the earth, and take the time to smell the roses -- no kidding! Its true when you take a walk, you can stop and look at all the gardens. You can meet the people walking their dogs. You can breathe the air and see the sky.”